Alloy wheel centre caps - Upstreamcentercaps

All center caps on our website have polished alloy top which goes perfectly with all alloy wheels. No matter if you choose light or dark alloy wheels, it is only your decision whether you like alloy wheel centre caps matching the color of your wheels or the contrast between different color of the wheel and the cap. You can find several combinations of various alloy wheel centre caps and alloy wheels on the following pictures:

Alloy wheel centre cap biohazardAlloy wheel centre cap eagleAlloy wheel centre cap pegasus

Alloy wheel centre cap radioactive B&SAlloy wheel centre cap pirate flagAlloy wheel centre cap wings

Alloy wheel centre cap tigerAlloy wheel centre cap compassAlloy wheel centre cap live button

It does not matter which alloy wheel centre caps you choose, your alloy wheels will look awesome. It's easy. Just pick your favorite design of your new caps and find their proper size for your wheels. You can find more information about how to find the proper size of the center caps for your wheels here.

For more pictures of our alloy wheel centre caps check also our Facebook page and our twitter account, where you can see other combinations of various alloy wheels and caps and join our community. You can also share photos of your wheel center caps with us directly or via Facebook and Twitter. We will be happy to see your new car and wheel designs. We will be also pleased if you share with us your ideas for new wheel center cap designs. Send us your logos in any form and we will consider including them in our offer. Your opinion is very important to us so please share with us any kind of ideas how we could make our website or our products better.