Replacement center caps

If you'd like to replace your old OEM caps, our center caps are the right solution for you. Finally you don't have to follow the manufacturer's design of wheel center caps. Our replacement center caps are suitable for every wheel. It does not matter what brand of car or wheels you have. All you have to do is to choose the design of your replacement center caps, find the proper size and you are ready to purchase your brand new center caps. 

The installation of your new replacement center caps is pretty easy. You just remove the old center caps from the wheel and click the new one into the center hole of your wheel. Usually, you have to take off the wheel in order to remove the old center caps, but it is possible to remove the old caps without taking off the wheel off the car as well. You can watch video on how to do it here. You can find more information about how to install your new caps here.

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Replacement center cap yin yangReplacement center cap biohazardReplacement center cap mighty horse delivers all replacement center caps to its customers worldwide and provides all clients with qualified support. Tracking of the dispatched goods is available for all our customers. There are two payment possibilities available for our clients. The first one is credit card payment through the TrustCard payment gate terminal and the second option is to pay via PayPal.

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